Friday 12 March 2021

Episode 24 - Dave and Steve Wonder if They'll Get an Inheritance

I just wanted to say, Happy Birthday

One more episode until California!  (Look, I love the two upcoming episodes, though this one has some great stuff).

Grandpa Gene has had a stroke, and he's had them before.  

Gene is not a fan of Don, because, HE HAS NO PEOPLE.

Betty's brother is a dweeb.

Joan's still a racist.  Kinsey is still a poseur.  

We get a lot of insight into Betty this week.  I you were brought up that way you'd probably be an emotionally stunted person too, and throw in early 60s sex roles...

Telstar by the Tornadoes is an amazing song.

I wonder if there's any dramatic irony this week?  (I write these things before we talk).

Oh, I just wanted to say, Happy Birthday.

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