Friday 29 October 2021

Episode 54 - Steve and Dave Blowing Smoke

I prefer clever titles that don't really just have 'Dave and Steve and the title of the episode' but here we are.

This one is another caper really, and it's directed by John Slattery, which follows.

Watching people lose their jobs sucks.

Watching Don have the New York Times publish what was, in essence, an ad for SCDP is pretty great.

I love Bert fake quitting.

As much as I find Teddy grating, I'll admit that the RFK bit was inspired.  The Easter Egg in there that 'someone named Emerson Foote called' is great.

I've seen someone take Heroin, I imagine Midge's description is not too far off.

My discipline, psychology, gets a really great representation this week with Dr. Edna, and a shitty one with Atherton.  Screw him.  Roger is right.

What's with Glen and the football stuff?

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Friday 22 October 2021

Episode 53 - The Chinese Wall Between Steve and Dave

As we have seen in past seasons, this show runs its finales over a few episodes.

Stop me at three, this is one

Hey everyone, welcome to Don Draper world, where you and all of your friends have at least one really big secret!

Megan is making a move maybe?  Hey, pretty good use of alliteration there Dave, why thank you Dave.

People don't take you seriously because you've never taken yourself seriously.  Bert gets the best lines.

Peggy and Abe, sitting in a tree.

Stan is a pig.

I think Jane really loves Roger.  I think Roger has completely lost interest in Jane.

RAY WISE.  You know that character is coming back, you don't hire Ray Wise for a one off.  Also, I want to go back to Missoula Montana!  (Look it up).

Pete's a dad!  It really is a pretty special thing when your kids are born.  Trudy's dad is a dick.

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Friday 15 October 2021

Episode 52 - Hands, Knees, Daves, Steves

I'm somewhat proud of this week's title.

This season, so far, has had a lot of loose plot threads.  Well, they're tying together now.

Don has a panic attack, brought on by a background check.

Sally is going to see the Beatles at Shea.

Lane's father is not a nice man.

Joan at the abortion clinic (which it certainly wasnt' called then) was heartbreaking.

Oh and Lucky is leaving.

When you think about it, the show does this all the time, the last few episodes of each season are like a long finale.

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Friday 8 October 2021

Episode 51 - Dave and Steve Are Not Beautiful Girls

Some of these titles write themselves.

This one is all about the women in Don's life.  They all represent something different.

Kiernan Shipka is amazing in this episode.

Dr. McRapeyson is off to the 'Nam.  Enjoy your time with Charlie.

There's a lot of Petula Clark this week, and I am for it.

Abe is earnest, earnest Abe.  He's not wrong about a lot of stuff.  He's just, annoying really.

Megan is great with Sally.

Faye, well, she's no child psychologist.

Roger can't get his book published.

Stan is getting to be less of a caricature. 

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Friday 1 October 2021

Episode 50 - Steve and Dave are the Summer Men


Hey this is the episode during which I was born!  I mean, I'm not a character in the show, and it's about a 1521 km drive away, but I like to think I'm in this one, off in the distance.

Don is trying to take control.

Joey is a pig.

Bye bye Joey.

Stan isn't much better, but he seems to know the line.

Peggy and Joan are pioneers, but being a pioneer is hard, because you don't know the rules.

Joan knows the old rules.  They don't quite work any more.

Henry might be Lindsay's campaign manager in 72!

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