Friday 22 October 2021

Episode 53 - The Chinese Wall Between Steve and Dave

As we have seen in past seasons, this show runs its finales over a few episodes.

Stop me at three, this is one

Hey everyone, welcome to Don Draper world, where you and all of your friends have at least one really big secret!

Megan is making a move maybe?  Hey, pretty good use of alliteration there Dave, why thank you Dave.

People don't take you seriously because you've never taken yourself seriously.  Bert gets the best lines.

Peggy and Abe, sitting in a tree.

Stan is a pig.

I think Jane really loves Roger.  I think Roger has completely lost interest in Jane.

RAY WISE.  You know that character is coming back, you don't hire Ray Wise for a one off.  Also, I want to go back to Missoula Montana!  (Look it up).

Pete's a dad!  It really is a pretty special thing when your kids are born.  Trudy's dad is a dick.

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