Friday 4 June 2021

Episode 35 - Steve Understands Literature 723 Times Better Than Dave


Damn, it was a real stretch coming up with a title this week.

This is another really strong episode.

It certainly has no overtly gross stuff like last week, though, I mean Peggy and Duck is pretty gross.

Last week's weirdness pulled and pushed everyone in a bunch of different directions.  This week, people are pulled and pushed back to where they 'belong'.  You can have the New Economic Policy  all you want, but they're still going to collectivize your farm...

Don certainly does understand design.  Betty realizes they need a soul for their house, so, she gets a fainting couch!

Peggy, for reasons that escape me at least, is attracted to Duck.

Don is grifted by some grifters.

Don doesn't want to sign his contract.

Don signs his contract.

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