Friday 30 April 2021

Episode 30 - Dave and Steve Among the Ruins

OK, this clever title was easy to come up with.  I guess that means it wasn't that clever.

I will say I'm more excited that Steve will get to see next week's episode, but we have to do this one too.

I spot more dramatic irony!

Ann Margret, the hot virgin.

The Prices and the Drapers out to dinner was pretty great.

'You ever get three sheets to the wind and try that thing on?'

Pregnant and stressed?  Wine and smokes should help.

Is Don doing something nice for Betty?  What?

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Friday 23 April 2021

Episode 29 - Steve and Dave Go Out of Town

We're back!

So, season 3, episode 1, where Don tells us to limit our exposure.

Sal is having an awakening.

I spotted more dramatic irony.

Steve meets Lane.  I think Steve will like Lane.  We both like Jared Harris a lot.

Imagine growing up having been told that story about your birth.

The woman Don is with in this episode is a lot more like Betty than like his other mistresses.

Sally is taking to Don's tools like a little lesbian.

Limit your exposure.

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Monday 5 April 2021

Episode 28 - Season 2 Wrap Up Or, What is History?

We had a free form discussion about history, about portrayals of history, and of course about my (I'm not sure about Steve, I mean he likes it, but he's pretty into Columbo) show.

History gets portrayed in art all of the time.

What are the upsides?

What are the downsides?

Wait, what even is history?

What are the consequences of doing it incorrectly?

Nostalgia is often bullshit.  (As Don knows).

Tradition is also often bullshit (As Peggy and Betty know).

Plus, I get some predictions from Steve about Season 3.

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Friday 2 April 2021

Episode 27 - Medavetations in a Stevemergency

I apologize for the title, which Steve had nothing to do with.

Hey it's the finale of Season 2.  We'll have a Season 2 wrap up and then a short hiatus (it's the end of term here and we're both about to go insane).

Emergency indeed, the world is about to end.

The world almost did end.

Our PM's handling of the crisis actually was an issue in the next federal election, which he lost.

Does Don love his family?

Does Don love Betty?

Does Don love Don?

Was Don's letter sincere?

I'm pretty sure I spotted some of that dramatic irony the kids are all talking about.

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BONUS EPISODE - Boyington's B*st*rds Episode 1

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