Friday 26 August 2022

Episode 89 - Dave and Steve are Not a Monolith

There has to be a 2001 reference here I can make in the title, but I'm at a loss.

Don's back!

Don's not back.

Don's being a jerk.

Don is actually back, and he's on a carousel.

Margaret is Marigold.

Electricity isn't the problem there hippies.

MEET THE METS!  The 1969 Mets were a very good baseball team.

The 1969 Expos, that's another story.

I still hate Lou.

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Friday 19 August 2022

Episode 88 - Steve and Dave Go on a Field Trip

Everything is upside down!

Don is coming back to work.

Might have been fun had he gone to a fictionalized Wells Rich Greene.

Don called their bluff.

Megan called Don's bluff.

We hate Lou.  Of course we are supposed to.

Don't yell out dumb sexist garbage when we record live. (Apparently some people have completely missed the point of the show).

Time for Megan to fire her agent.

Steve and I would like to meet Rod Serling.

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Sunday 14 August 2022

Episode 87 - Dave and Steve at MMPR

Each year a bunch of podcasters get together and hang out, talk about our weird hobby, and generally cause trouble.

The event is known as the 'Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables'.

We also take an afternoon to record in front of an audience.

There is drinking.

There is carousing.

There is merriment.

So we sat down for about 20 minutes and took audience questions.

I thought we hadn't used the song we used, but I was wrong. 

See you next week with a regular episode.

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Friday 5 August 2022

Episode 86 - Dave and Steve Put in a Day's Work

OK, maybe a couple of hours.

Shipka is great in this one.

Rahm is great in this one.

Much of this one is about the subtle and not so subtle racism people faced at the time and still do face.

If you still thought you liked Bert Cooper, maybe watch this one again...

Sally meets Lou.

We hate Lou.

Dine and Dash!

The Don and Sally relationship may be one of the best on the show.

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BONUS EPISODE - Boyington's B*st*rds Episode 1

No this isn't about Mad Men, but you know what?  We don't care, what did you pay for this anyway? We have a new project and we thoug...