Thursday 25 March 2021

Episode 26 - Steve and Dave, Mountain Kings

This one as well was difficult to come up with a title for.  Man, that's the most poorly constructed sentence I've ever typed.

Hey Don becomes Dick!  Wow, can Jon Hamm face act.  He looks younger as Dick.

Back in New York, PPL is going to buy Sterling Coo!

Bert's sister is Alice.  Alice Cooper.  She seems to enjoy the company of women if you get my gist.

Dick is watching Mad Men along with all of us.

Sally is smoking, Betty is severe, and just plain mean.

Steve drops a really nice bookend near the end of the podcast connecting the title, Ibsen and Don.

Oh and Isabelle drops in for a bit.  Check out her art.

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Friday 19 March 2021

Episode 25 - Steve and Dave Are Set to Jet

Hello, this is Dick Whitman

This was one of the harder ones as far as coming up with a dumb title.

Don is off to the Hotel California!

I'm not sure any episode has a better mid century feel than this one (at least up to this point).

The first time I saw this episode back in 08 I thought to myself 'is this just a dream or something?'  Steve asked himself the same thing in his first time through. The whole episode has this ethereal quality that I really like.

That presentation on MIRVs was really something, I'd probably hop in a car with a stranger too.

Jet Setters were (and are) a real thing. 

Meanwhile, Duck is selling the agency, fuelled by Tanqueray gin.

There's also the matter of fact self outing of Kurt.  That hit Sal, but Peggy got a haircut out of it.

This is one of my favourite episodes.  

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Friday 12 March 2021

Episode 24 - Dave and Steve Wonder if They'll Get an Inheritance

I just wanted to say, Happy Birthday

One more episode until California!  (Look, I love the two upcoming episodes, though this one has some great stuff).

Grandpa Gene has had a stroke, and he's had them before.  

Gene is not a fan of Don, because, HE HAS NO PEOPLE.

Betty's brother is a dweeb.

Joan's still a racist.  Kinsey is still a poseur.  

We get a lot of insight into Betty this week.  I you were brought up that way you'd probably be an emotionally stunted person too, and throw in early 60s sex roles...

Telstar by the Tornadoes is an amazing song.

I wonder if there's any dramatic irony this week?  (I write these things before we talk).

Oh, I just wanted to say, Happy Birthday.

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Friday 5 March 2021

Episode 23 - Steve and Dave Take Six Months Leave

No no, don't panic, it's just the title.

This one is quite comical, as comical as Mad Men can be anyway.  It's comical in that you watch someone self destruct before your eyes.  It's almost as if actions have consequences this season!

This episode is about the tragedy of war and how it affects people, it's about loss, it's about fresh starts, it's about what a name means, it's well, it's Mad Men.

The death of Marilyn Monroe hangs over this one.  I think this show integrates historical stuff into the narrative better than most shows do.  Not only do we have the death of Marilyn, but we have Floyd Patterson, the fact that 'BBDO hired a coloured kid' and the impending Missile Crisis.

Steve drops some excellent analysis right at the end, blew me away.

Sadly, Steve had been spoiled about the Jane thing.

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