Friday 5 March 2021

Episode 23 - Steve and Dave Take Six Months Leave

No no, don't panic, it's just the title.

This one is quite comical, as comical as Mad Men can be anyway.  It's comical in that you watch someone self destruct before your eyes.  It's almost as if actions have consequences this season!

This episode is about the tragedy of war and how it affects people, it's about loss, it's about fresh starts, it's about what a name means, it's well, it's Mad Men.

The death of Marilyn Monroe hangs over this one.  I think this show integrates historical stuff into the narrative better than most shows do.  Not only do we have the death of Marilyn, but we have Floyd Patterson, the fact that 'BBDO hired a coloured kid' and the impending Missile Crisis.

Steve drops some excellent analysis right at the end, blew me away.

Sadly, Steve had been spoiled about the Jane thing.

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