Friday 23 July 2021

Episode 41 - Steve and Dave Shut the Door and Have a Seat

As we have seen in previous seasons, we have another finale that is a finale of finales.  It's like the last three or so episodes each season are all finales.

Anyway, here we go!  It's a heist.

Even the music is like a heist movie.

'Well, I suppose gentlemen, you're fired.'

'Happy Christmas!'

Oh and Betty is on her way west while Carla looks after the kids.  How much do they pay Carla anyway?

So now Steve knows where the podcast title comes from.

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Friday 16 July 2021

Episode 40 - Steve and Dave Are the Grown Ups

 Or, are we?

As Steve has predicted, and as I knew, the JFK assassination, the 'start of the 60s' is here.

Looks like Roger and Jane's Camelot is in trouble.  Of course the big new is that so is Don and Betty's.

Steve hates Duck.  I too am not a fan.

SKEETER DAVIS is awesome.

Flashbulb memories are a big deal.  Hey I can use MY expertise for a change!  Take that Dr. Dramatic Irony!

Roger's wedding speech is actually quite heartfelt.

Anyone else notice that Don is dressed like Oswald?

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Friday 9 July 2021

Episode 39 - The Stevey and the Davebo

Look, some of these titles can be tough to come up with.  You got a problem with that?  Start your own show.  Sorry, a bit punchy today.

I envy Steve seeing this episode for the first time.  I'll say that again when we get to The Suitcase.

Yup, Betty has figured it out sorta, and Don fills her in.

Jon Hamm's 'face acting' is unreal in this episode, as is his, well, his acting.

'What are you supposed to be?' is on the nose, but also perfect.

How long did Suzanne wait in the car?

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Friday 2 July 2021

Episode 38 - How Do We Know the Colour Blue Steve Sees is the Same as the Colour Blue Dave Sees?

You know, the whole 'how do you know that you see colours the same as I do' is actually a rather silly and NOT deep thing.  It seems deep, but it's really just stuff kids say when they're high... (Err, or so I am told).

Things are getting real for Betty, she has the key, and has opened Pandora's Box.  Or Don's box, but you get what I mean.

Sterling Coo is for sale!

Lane likes NYC.  His wife, not so much.

Some really nice foreshadowing wth Paul Kinsey Theatre(tm).

Kenny loves receiving telegrams, but he never sends them.  Don wonders how this helps.

Suzanne's brother is visiting, and Don is getting calls at her place. 

Paul didn't write down his idea, but he did talk to Achilles.

We're getting close to the JFK assassination.

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