Friday 19 March 2021

Episode 25 - Steve and Dave Are Set to Jet

Hello, this is Dick Whitman

This was one of the harder ones as far as coming up with a dumb title.

Don is off to the Hotel California!

I'm not sure any episode has a better mid century feel than this one (at least up to this point).

The first time I saw this episode back in 08 I thought to myself 'is this just a dream or something?'  Steve asked himself the same thing in his first time through. The whole episode has this ethereal quality that I really like.

That presentation on MIRVs was really something, I'd probably hop in a car with a stranger too.

Jet Setters were (and are) a real thing. 

Meanwhile, Duck is selling the agency, fuelled by Tanqueray gin.

There's also the matter of fact self outing of Kurt.  That hit Sal, but Peggy got a haircut out of it.

This is one of my favourite episodes.  

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