Friday 29 October 2021

Episode 54 - Steve and Dave Blowing Smoke

I prefer clever titles that don't really just have 'Dave and Steve and the title of the episode' but here we are.

This one is another caper really, and it's directed by John Slattery, which follows.

Watching people lose their jobs sucks.

Watching Don have the New York Times publish what was, in essence, an ad for SCDP is pretty great.

I love Bert fake quitting.

As much as I find Teddy grating, I'll admit that the RFK bit was inspired.  The Easter Egg in there that 'someone named Emerson Foote called' is great.

I've seen someone take Heroin, I imagine Midge's description is not too far off.

My discipline, psychology, gets a really great representation this week with Dr. Edna, and a shitty one with Atherton.  Screw him.  Roger is right.

What's with Glen and the football stuff?

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  1. Thanks for the spoiler about Megan. You kind of ruined that for me. Well done.


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