Friday 11 November 2022

Episode 99 - David to Stephen

It's here.

I'm writing this before tonight's recording.  I've read Steve's comments on the finale in our Google doc.  I know how this will go.  I'm still oddly nervous and sad.  (Steve and I have another project coming, stay tuned to this space).

Don teaches the world to sing.

Stephanie and Dick go to Big Sur.  Damn some of the therapy in there was bad bad bad therapy.  Realistic though.

The Blue Flame gets mentioned, though not by name.

(Oh I should have mentioned, Cliff Dunn from Mad Men, Out to Lunch with Roger Sterling dropped by).  I should also mention that Cliff's phone was messed up and he couldn't join us.  He'll come for Episode 100, series wrap up).

Sally has grown up.

Peggy and Stan!

Three phone calls to the women in his life, not one of the is Megan, though she probably would not have accepted the charges.

I want to take this opportunity to very publicly thank Steve.  I have always wanted to do something like this, and I know I wanted to do something with Steve.  This has been very special to me.  Thanks buddy!

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