Friday 4 November 2022

Episode 98 - The Steve and Davey Route

Welcome to our discussion of the penultimate episode of the series!

Though we will do two more on the podcast to hit 100.  Once we hit 100 that sweet syndication money starts to roll in!


We both love the old Coke machine.

We're not fond of Pete's brother, or that guy from Lear Jet.

Duck is back!  Duck's better drunk, oddly enough.

Is Pete sincere?  I think he is, but Steve doesn't give them much time.

This one is a little longer, near the end and all.

Join us next week when Cliff Dunn joins us once again for the finale of what at least Cliff and I consider the best TV show ever made.  Dunno what Steve thinks, probably that Columbo is better...

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