Friday 27 August 2021

Episode 45 - Steve and Dave Have Some Good News

This clever title was easier to come up with.

We start with a brief discussion about the escalating war in Vietnam.  We will probably come back to it now and then, and we'll. likely, now and then, drop other little mini history discussions at the start of an episode when warranted.

Don spends a bit of time as Dick in California with Anna et al.  Then he becomes Don again and bunglingly tries to seduce Stephanie.   She drops the Big C news.

Lane and Don he to the movies. and hilarity ensues.

Lane and Don get hookers, and really, just all around sadness ensues.

Shout out to the gang at 'Out to Lunch With Roger Sterling'.

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1 comment:

  1. Just started episode 'Good news'.
    Why did you feel the need to give a history lesson at the beginning? Utterly boring to me personally. I knew all of it anyway, and, even if I didn't, and had wanted to know, I would have looked it up myself.
    Please keep to the episode itself.


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