Friday 20 August 2021

Episode 44 - Steve and Dave Like Christmas Once a Year

Rough title, I'll admit it.

Steve hates Conga lines.  I hate them as well, the whole forced participation is no fun.

This episode could have been entitled 'Transactional Sex!'

Poor Allison.

Steve points out that the women seem to be getting dumber, and I can't really argue with that.

Lane seems to be going through something.

Lee Garner Jr. is a horrible person.

Roger is hilarious.

Freddy is back!!!

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  1. Guys.
    Hello from me, Alan, a British chap resident in The Netherlands. I am on my first Mad men watch through and have been listening to your podcast after each recent episode viewed. I find your take interesting because you are roughly of my age. (Full disclosure - I do listen to a couple of other pods too)
    However, I felt compelled to write after hearing your take on the Don/Alison sex scene and aftermath. I feel you neglect one aspect, and that is that Don has, by chance, already revealed to Alison that he intends to give her a bonus come what may. Then, when he makes drunken advances to her, she perhaps sees that the bonus might be in jeopardy if she rebuffs him. In her conscious mind she may be convincing herself that he has genuine feelings for her, but deep down she might be eyeing the then undisclosed amount of bonus cash being promised.
    So, Don in his drunken state may not even have considered that leverage he had (but might still) and Alison may be being carried away romantically, or hedging her bets so as not to blow the bonus.
    For me, the very point of any dramatic set up, is the way the viewer interprets what occurs and what it reveals about them.
    This sequence validates the whole show.


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