Wednesday 20 January 2021

Episode 17 - Do Dave and Steve Have a Benefactor?

It's a couple of days early this week as I have a bunch of meetings on Friday.  When we started recording one guy was President, then partway through, another guy was!

Wherein we meet Bobbie Barrett, we meet Jimmy Barrett, we find out drinking has a downside and other fun stuff.

Bobbie is in some ways a female Don, but really more an amalgam of Joan and Peggy (Steve's idea, he's probably right, he's a Dr.)

Why are horses sexual?  I find it odd.

That storyline about the Defenders is a real story.  I love when the show puts real events in the timeline of Mad Men.

Roger quite smoking, can he bum one off of you?

Don grabs Bobbie like the now former President did.

Don went to the movies for the first time in the series, that'll happen more.

Harry got the wrong paycheque and eventually became the head of TV.

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