Friday 15 January 2021

Episode 16 - Join Dave and Steve on Flight 1

Actually don't join us, because that plane crashes.

This episode features the crash of Flight 1, and the aftermath at Sterling Cooper.

This week is about loyalty, and about fidelity.  Things, oddly, that Don has in the episode.

We open at Kinsey's place.  He's having a party!  He's a pretentious twit!  He has a girlfriend!  She's black!  What?  As Steve notes, it would be odd enough for a black person to be even in the same room with a bunch of white people, much less be dating each other, in 1962.

Joan is a racist.  Like a horrible racist.

Peggy's family might be raising Peggy's kid.

Betty and Don have Francine and Carlton over for bridge.  Carlton is a horrible person.

Duck, Roger and Burt want to dump Mohawk.

Hank Lamont of Mohawk airlines compares Sterling Cooper dropping them to Pearl Harbor.

Steve has a nice breakdown of Vatican II.

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