Friday 7 October 2022

Episode 95 - Dave Gives Steve a Forecast

As I keep noting, we're getting near the end.

There's a melancholy property to the music.

(Speaking of music 'The First Time Ever I saw Your Face' is a pretty great song).

The show knows it's almost over too, and sort of keeps reminding us, or at least commenting on it.

No Diana happily...

Hey, it's Captain Pike!  No not that Captain Pike, the other one.

Don is selling the apartment, which makes sense, but it's, again, the end of an era.

Sally is excellent in this one, almost as excellent as Kiernan Shipka.

Roger has actual work to do, which he pawns off on Don.  Of course at first he tried pawning it off on Ted.

Peggy wants a real performance review.

Don is having discussions, but those discussions are not on the topics that people think they are on.

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