Friday 16 September 2022

Episode 92 - Is This Steve and Dave's Waterloo?

I wonder, should that be Steve's and Dave's, or, does the possessive on 'Dave' include Steve?  I mean it seems like it should, it feels right etc.

You know what else feels right? THIS EPISODE.

This is a good one, it is one of my favourites.  It actually started me on a From the Earth to the Moon rewatch.

I'm probably just at the cusp of the age where kids loved astronauts.

Oh Bert, you right wing, reactionary maniac, you were a hell of a dancer/singer.

'That's one small step for man' was a flubbed line, but it still works.

Neil Armstrong was an honest to goodness hero.

Peggy's pitch is pitch perfect.

Harry gets screwed again, ha ha.

'It's a lot of money' and 'over Dresden, I wanted to live Ted!' are Jim's two best lines of the series.

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