Monday 23 May 2022

Episode 78 - Steve and Dave Crash

This episode is such a nice palette cleaner after the uneven start to season 6.

The show often does something experimental and special in the middle (the Suitcase, A Night to Remember, etc.) and this is no exception.

There's still some Sylvia, but I find her less annoying.  I think Steve agrees, but I'm writing this an hour before we record, so who knows?

'It's proprietary!'

Misspelling Chevy is pretty impressive.

'My God you're as good as they say!'

Some really solid music this week.

Stan getting William Telled (Told?) is great.

'Are we Negroes?' is one of the dumbest things Bobby has ever said, and remember, this is a kid who runs around with a pot on his head.

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