Friday 21 January 2022

Episode 64 - Dave and Steve Wish Lazarus Was a Lady

Don listening to Tomorrow Never Knows
As I sometimes point out, the clever title thing (which isn't going away even if you don't think it's clever, who the hell are you and what did you pay for the podcast?) can be difficult.  This was one of those.

Damn I love season 5.

This one could have been entitled 'Don doesn't get it at all'.  It could also have been entitled 'PIZZA HAUS!!!'

Megan wants to be an actress.

Ginzo swears in a meeting.

Roger is funny, yet he has grown.

Don seems vaguely grown up.

Pete has a fling.

Howard is horrible.

Beth is depressed.

I hate Howard.

Revolver is truly one of the best albums ever recorded.  That said, Don really REALLY doesn't get it.  Has he really grown?

Also, remember, I hate Howard.

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