Friday 12 November 2021

Episode 56 - Season 4 Wrapup

We wrap up season 4 with a free wheeling discussion, including friend of the show, Cliff Dunn.  Cliff is one of the admins at 'Mad Men, Out To Lunch With Roger Sterling' (where I am now a mod) which is the finest Mad Men fan group on Facebook, nay the internet.

We start with some predictions that Steve made about Season 4, did they come true?

We discuss the big theses of Season 4.  

We discuss the big events of Season 4.

We get Steve to make predictions for Season 5.

Cliff and I talk about what episodes in Season 5 we want to hear Steve's reaction to (Signal 30 anyone?)

Oh and we end with a killer song.

Thanks again for coming on Cliff!

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