Friday 17 September 2021

Episode 48 - Steve and Dave Go to the Waldorf and Hear Some Stories

I may not mention this in the podcast (I write these things before we record) but this might be my favourite run of episodes of the show.  Mid season 4 is amazing.

Hey, we get Don's origin story, as far as being hired goes.  Was he hired?  Or did he just weasel his way in assuming Roger forgot everything past his jar of olives?

Boy is Don falling off the edge in this one.  His drinking problem is now a real problem.

Danny's here!  He's the cure for the common minor character.

Roger has some great lines this week.  Especially 'I told him to be himself....'

Peggy calls Stan's bluff, I love it.

Pronouns are a big thing this week.

Don tells a woman, off camera, that his name is Dick.

Did you notice who was in the fur ad?

Oh and we see Duck again.

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