Friday 6 August 2021

Episode 42 - Season 3 Wrap Up

We finished season three last week and we sort of finished the 1950s.

It's 1963, JFK is dead, innocence is dead, oh and so is Camelot.  Not just JFK's Camelot, but Don's.

SCDP has started!

Oh, wait, I buried the lead here, we're joined by Cliff Dunn, one of the Mods at the facebook group 'Out To Lunch With Roger Sterling'.  Thanks for coming on Cliff!

We talk about the highlights of the season, the low points, and what this means for the coming season.

Oh and Cliff and I kept quiet while Steve made predictions.

Cliff and I also picked episodes we want to hear Steve talk about, and we even touched on Star Trek, Yes Minister, cultural clashes, British Imperialism and the American Revolution.


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