Friday 12 February 2021

Episode 20 - Steve By Day, Dave By Night


I'm pretty proud of this week's title.  

We've had music that was a year or two off but the show opens with a song by the Decembrists.  Colin Meloy, the lead singer and songwriter of the band was born in 1974, so, like, Sally could be his mother.  I'm not saying she is, but we can pretend right?

LOTS of military themes this week, not surprising as it takes place during Memorial Day weekend.  Memorial Day, it's when Americans remember those who fought for the USA and didn't come home to have ribs.  Oh and great prices on mattresses!

There are some great bits in the episode where Peggy is just off screen.  It reminds you that while she's as good as Don, or close, already, she's still not quite part of the boys club.

Look, Kinsey is bound to have a good idea now and then.

I hate watching people shave on TV.

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