Thursday 3 December 2020

Episode 13 - Steve and Dave Pop a Wheelie


This was, by far, the hardest pithy title to come up with.

It's the finale of season 1.  The thing is, it doesn't feel like a finale.  It's more like it's setting up the reset of the series.

There is, of course, the best Draper pitch of the series (maybe?) when Don sells Kodak on his idea for the Carousel.  Both Steve and I remember those things.

Oh here's Don pitching facebook.

Oh Peggy's weight gain is explained.  Steve was right.

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right is a great song, though an anachronism.  

Next time we'll do an overall reaction to season 1.  

I almost forgot the birth of Peggy's kid.....  I'm an idiot.

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