Friday 16 October 2020

Episode 6 - Dave, Steve and the Waters of Babylon

Roy, if you had a job what would you do?

 I think this is the best episode we've talked about so far.  There's a great deal about identity, which is a central theme of the show, as well as a bunch of biblical references.

There's a lot of casual anti Semitism in this one.  Well, frankly, there was a lot of casual anti Stimitism in 1960, so that tracks.

Peggy is going to write copy!  It's like watching a dog play piano.

As much as Don is a really awful guy, when he does putdowns, they are glorious.  I'm speaking of course to what is shown in the accompanying photo.

I mentioned a Reddit user during the show, but forgot to give him/her credit, the user in question is SimpleJackTorrance.

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