Wednesday 23 September 2020

Episode 3 - Steve and Dave Are Guests at the Marriage of Figaro

The dog has a collar, it's stolen
Eventually I will tire of these clever titles.  What?  You don't think they're clever?  What dd you pay for the podcast?  That's right, nothing, stop complaining.  OK, look, I've been working pretty hard lately and I'm a little punchy.

So we're at episode 3, which has some great stuff, including the 'first' appearance of Dick Whittman.

Draper? Nobody's lifted that rock, he could be Batman for all we know.  (There was talk a few years back of Jon Hamm playing Batman actually).

Hey it's a birthday party!  That kid knocked down a drink, well he's not my kid, but that's alcohol he knocked over, I'm going to hit him!

As usual, some really nice stuff from Steve on this one.  Including the obscenity trial about Lady Chatterly's Lover from 1959.

Steve also suggests a new drinking game.  Take a drink every time Pete says 'swell'.  We both like our liquor, I don't think we could drink that much.

Don stole that dog. 

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